Community Outreach

The Gwinnett Section NCNW focuses on the following critical programs and services that directly impact and empower Gwinnett County’s women and children.


To provide STEAM activities and resources for elementary students at a Gwinnett County Public Schools site that will allow them to engage in enriching real-world experiences; to provide deserving Gwinnett County Public Schools high school students scholarships in the STEAM field.

Economic Empowerment

To encourage entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and economic stability by working collaboratively with CPA firms, banks, financial planning companies, and other financial institutions to provide education in these areas through a host of resources; to showcase African American entrepreneurs via Pop-Up Shops and other forums.

RISE (Reaching Independent Success Effectively)

To reduce recidivism by providing women exiting incarceration with community resources to assist them in becoming self-sufficient by working collaboratively with GRIP (Gwinnett Re-entry Intervention Program); such resources include shelter, drug treatment, job skills training, mental health treatment, employment, and permanent housing.

Health & Wellness

To present health-care professionals in our forum, “Purple Table Talk,” who will inform the section and the Gwinnett County community about health concerns; to implement health-based initiatives in conjunction with community organizations whose primary purpose is to improve the health of those in the Gwinnett County community.

PUSH (Providing Ultimate Senior Help)

To work collaboratively with Girl Scout Troop #15363 to provide the residents of Hope Assisted Living and Memory Care needed items, companionship, friendship, and special treats; to educate the elderly population how to effectively manage their health and activity levels for optimal function and performance.

Political Empowerment

To develop a relationship with local, state, and national politicians, and other organizations in order to stay abreast of and actively work with them on matters that impact the African American community; to inform the section of pending legislation or issues that concern African Americans; to work with local high schools and colleges in Gwinnett County to encourage students who are age 18 and over to register to vote, as well as vote on Election Day.

COPE (Church Outreach Partnership Efforts)

To work collaboratively with Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church to provide resources to homeless children and their mothers; to promote and support the “Black Church” in Gwinnett County as the hub for civic development and political incorporation so that they will remain central to Black political advancement; to visit churches in the fall, winter, and spring in Gwinnett County and fellowship.

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