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The National Council of Negro Women Gwinnett Section

Taking the Front Seat to Make an Impact
in Gwinnett County

NCNW Gwinnett History

Our Mission

To encourage and enable women of African descent in Gwinnett County to reach their fullest potential so they are equipped to succeed in every aspect of their lives

The Gwinnett County Section of the National Council of Negro Women (NCNW) was officially “approved and duly certified” on June 13, 2019 by Dr. Johnetta Betsch Cole, the NCNW National Chair and 7th President. An installation ceremony was held on August 18, 2019 at the historic First Congregational Church in Atlanta, GA. The following ladies were installed as the first officers of NCNW Gwinnett: President, Jennifer Eichelberger; First Vice President, Sharon Hawkins Gay; Second Vice President, Felicia Edwards; Recording Secretary, Detra Terrell; Treasurer, Kimberly Green; Financial Secretary, Beverly Johnson; Corresponding Secretary, Machell Laramore; Historian, Alline Clancy; Parliamentarian, Veronica Cope; and Chaplain, Courtney Jones. A total of 83 members including one male, comprised this esteemed inaugural section of NCNW Gwinnett.

NCNW Gwinnett immediately showed its presence in Gwinnett County, especially through their host of programs. President Eichelberger’s goal was to merge the national NCNW principles of STEAM, entrepreneurship, financial literacy and economic stability with the “Gwinnett Re-entry Intervention Program (GRIP), women empowerment, and family cohesiveness.” Even though the world shut down in March 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic,

NCNW Gwinnett continued to give back to the community. Virtual events became the norm such as Purple Table Talk, Pop Up Shop, Candidates Forum, among a host of others.

First Vice President Sharon Hawkins Gay assumed the role of President on July 1, 2021. Under her leadership, the section increased to over 100 members with a new mission and vision. Successful partnerships have been forged with Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Office’s Gwinnett Re-entry Intervention Program (GRIP), Gwinnett County Public Schools African American Girls Priority Program which targets Snellville Middle School girls, Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church, and Hope Assisted Living & Memory Care. A successful fundraising campaign was held to raise funds to award scholarships to deserving Gwinnett County Public Schools students. NCNW Gwinnett was also one of five sections in GA to receive a grant for the Good WINs Health initiative. The grant funds have been used to provide COVID-19 education resources and PPE supplies to the Gwinnett community. Yes, NCNW Gwinnett is definitely taking the front seat to make an impact in Gwinnett County!

NCNW Gwinnett Charter Members

  1. Anderson, Cynthia
  2. Baker, Danielle
  3. Boone, Rosalie
  4. Brown, Adelma Stanford
  5. Burley, Tessica
  6. Byrom, Michelle Weddington
  7. Cabbil, Candace
  8. Carr, Shirley
  9. Clancy, Alline
  10. Clancy, Camile
  11. Coleman, Monique
  12. Colquitt, Sebrecia
  13. Cope, Veronica
  14. Davis, Annie
  15. Davoll, Muriel
  16. Edwards, Denise
  17. Edwards, Felicia L.
  18. Eichelberger, Jennifer
  19. Ellis, Taryn
  20. Fairley, Lisa
  21. Fisher, Tracey S.
  1. Flowers, Rita
  2. Gardner, Annette
  3. Gardner, Pamela N
  4. Gay, Sharon Hawkins
  5. Goss, Felicia
  6. Green, Kimberly
  7. Grissett-Cummings, Angela
  8. Hagood, Andrea
  9. Hall, Meena
  10. Higgs, Veronica
  11. Holmes-Reddick, LaDella
  12. Howard, Kisha
  13. Jackson, Shivon
  14. Jarrett, Niki
  15. Johnson, Beverly
  16. Johnson, Keisha
  17. Johnson, Yolanda
  18. Jones, Courtney
  19. Jones, Victoria
  20. Kenon, Sandra
  21. Lane, Veronica
  1. Laramore, Machell
  2. Macon, Nikinji
  3. Mason, Tanya
  4. McRae, Kesha
  5. Meadows, Debra R.
  6. Merritt, Chelsea
  7. Mills, Lucinda
  8. Moorer, Arlette
  9. Murphy, Janice
  10. Patman, Angela
  11. Person, Wesley
  12. Plunkett, Leslie
  13. Poole, Kimberly
  14. Ratliff, Rebekah
  15. Richey, Tia
  16. Rogers, Mae Ella
  17. Searcy, Angelica
  18. Searcy, Olympia
  19. Searcy, Susan
  20. Sims, Alida
  21. Skeete, Tameka
  1. Smith, Amanda
  2. Smith, Danielle
  3. Smith, Margie
  4. Sparrow, Marci
  5. Stoddart, LaShaunn
  6. Stovall, Karla
  7. Terrell, Detra
  8. Thomas-Taylor, Kimberly
  9. Thurmond, Phyllis Kitchens
  10. Towns, Bakal
  11. Vismale-Morris, Terri
  12. Wade, Sharonita
  13. Walton, Amber
  14. Watson, Amy
  15. Weddington, Jenise
  16. Westbrooks, Kimberly
  17. Whitner, Tadia
  18. Williams, Tiffany
  19. Williams, Whitney
  20. Wilson-Gipson, Vonda
  21. Woodward, Latabia

Committee Chairs & Co-Chairs

Executive Chair

Felicia Edwards

Program Committee Chair

Jennifer Eichelberger


  • Diane Weatherspoon-Bey, Chair
  • Co-Chair – Vacant


  • Nikinji Macon, Chair

Economic Empowerment & Rise

  • Keisha Johnson
  • Tameka Skeete
  • Dr. Dianna Weatherspoon-Bey​

PUSH & Health and Wellness

  • Crystal Jordan​, Chair
  • Ethel London, Co-Chair

Social Justice

  • Jody Benjamin​, Chair
  • Catrease Mitchell, Co-Chair
COPE (Church Outreach Partenrship Efforts)
  • Leticia Payne​, Chair
  • Adele Lytle, Co-Chair

Standing & Ad Hoc Committees


Pamela Gardner

Technology Team

Jody Benjamin

Technology Team

Mikki Davis Asberry

Technology Team

Latoya Lacey

Technology Team

Yolanda Letman

Technology Team

Nikinji Macon

Technology Team


Ethel London


Budget & Finance

  • Kimberly Green, Chair
  • Pamela Gardner, Co-Chair


Alline Clancy



  • Annette Gardner, Chair
  • Kim Truesdale, Co-Chair


  • Pamela Gardner, Chair
  • Nikinji MaconCo-Chair


  • Jacqueline Funches, Chair
  • Ellen Pierce, Co-Chair

Nominating and Elections

  • Latasha Mack, Chair
  • Co-ChairVacant

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